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After a year-end trip with a bunch of my closest friends from Purdue, we all decided to link to eachothers sites to put our network out on the web.

  • Jacob Zietek: Human-Robot Interaction, Machine Learning, and the person I have to thank for my interest in ML & introducing me to this network of now close friends
  • Cole Roberts: OS/Embedded Dev, Stoic master, Fitness/Health Hobbyist
  • Jinen Setpal: ML/AI Interpretability Researcher, Everyones Hypeman, Productivity Master
  • Sagar Patil: Rockets, AI, Human Knowledge-Base
  • Mikail Khan: Programming Languages Researcher
  • Aref Malek: Software Engineer
  • Harmya Bhatt: Software Engineer
  • Bhavesh: Software Engineer, Web Dev

All links work as of May 2024